A little about the business

Our goal is to provide you with beautifully designed stencils for you to use to make your painting life easier and get you awesome results on all of your projects.

Our stencils are NOT the one-time use adhesive backed stencils.  They are durable, washable and reusable, so you get your money’s worth.

Whether you’re a beginner and new to stenciling, you paint to relax, do it to sell items as a part-time side hustle or you’re a full-time maker of beautiful things, I’m here to help You.

With over 1000+ designs in my shop, I’m sure we have what you’re looking for.  If not, contact me and I will do my best to help get you what you need.

A little about our stencils

Here are some pictures of the actual stencils we carry in our shop.  They are all cut on transparent blue .007 mil mylar plastic.  They are thin and flexible and great at keeping your paint from bleeding under the stencil.  I’ve noticed the thicker the plastic, the more of a chance there is that your paint will seep under it.  This thin plastic lays flat and close to your surface.  Just a couple thin coats of paint and your project is done!

I'm so happy you've stopped by!

I’m Karin, a mom of 3 girls and the painter/crafter/do it myself girl turned stencil designer.  I have an addiction to coffee, I swear A LOT and I love to design stencils! Contact me anytime with your stencil questions.  I’m here to help you.

A little about me